The BlackLight Project

BlackLight is a performance ethnography project. We utilize the creativity and critical insight of a multigenerational group of women to reimagine the possibilities for living in under-resourced urban environments.


A Hot Mess!

Pilates in a Heated Room

 We’re all a hot mess at some point. This unique Pilates class combines meditation and stretching in a heated room so we can tap into our centers, our core. This focus on the core is a practice that leads to more control over our bodies and our lives leading to deeper peace and, maybe even, less hot messiness.

The benefits of Pilates are endless…longer, stronger and leaner muscles, increased flexibility, improved posture, better body alignment, more efficient and graceful movement, and improved mental focus. All of this plus a heated room makes the work happen with a little more ease.

This is a beginning/intermediate level mat Pilates class that is uniquely adaptable to the needs and current capabilities of each individual. So COME AS YOU ARE and receive the gifts that Pilates has to offer. Taking Pilates at least once a week is an excellent way to support and deepen your other yoga, dance or athletic practices.

FREE Demo Class – Sunday, March 4th

4:00 to 5:15 p.m.

Sacred Studio in Brooklyn

197 Clifton Place (between Bedford & Franklin)

Aimee Cox is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor in Matwork levels 1&2. Stott Pilates expands on the essence and principles of Joseph H. Pilates’ work by incorporating modern scientific and spiritual knowledge about the body. Developed by Moira Merriweather, a former professional dancer, in consultation with physical therapists and fitness experts, Stott Pilates is meant to restore the natural curves of the spine and improve the overall mind-body connection.


About aimcox

I dance. I write. I work collaboratively with lovers of life, joy seekers, dream makers, compassionate critics, change agents, elegant theorists, inner peace dwellers and free radicals to make art that makes a difference.

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